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1박2일 모턴 아일랜드 투어

Moreton Island 2-Day Get Wrecked Tour

1 Night and 2 Days on Moreton Island

The following itinerary may not follow in the same order as below due to tide times, weather conditions or other factors.

• Pick-up and return service for Gold Coast and Brisbane
• Enjoy a beautiful cruise across the magnificent Moreton Bay on the MiCat Ferry. Enjoy air-conditioned comfort with cafe and bar facilities
• Relax on the beach at the Tangalooma Wrecks and have fun in the sun

•*Enjoy a fully guided snorkeling tour of the Tangalooma Ship Wrecks -all snorkeling gear supplied by Sunset Safaris (wind, weather & tidal conditions apply)
• Safety vests available for non-swimmers to guarantee safety
• See turtles, dolphins, coral and thousands of beautiful reef fish
• *Discover the hidden underwater wonders of the Tangalooma Wrecks with our fully guided Transparent Kayaks (weather & wind conditions apply)
• Experience the awesome fish FRENZY in the Transparent Kayaks
• *Feel the exhilaration of sand tobogganing at speeds of up to 70km/h
• Comfortable air-conditioned 4WD vehicles - go in style
• Swim the crystal clear beaches of Tangalooma Beach
• Great fun-loving tour guides
• Suitable for people of all fitness levels
• In cases of dangerous or poor weather conditions and rain, a scenic tour of the island may be conducted in place of affected activities
• 4WD along the magnificent Eastern Surf Beach
• Swim in the naturally bubbling Champagne Pools (conditions permitting)
• Stop and visit the beautifully romantic “Honeymoon Bay” and “North Point”
• 4WD in our awesome 4WD buses to the stunning “Cape Moreton” seeing -
- Cape Moreton Lighthouse and Museum
- Turtles, Dolphins, Sharks, Manta Rays and Whales during Whale Season
- Spectacular views of Moreton Island and the Eastern Beach
• Swim in the breathtakingly beautiful “Blue Lagoon” fresh water lake
• Experience the 4WD adventure as we explore bush land and beaches in our comfortable air-conditioned 4WD buses
• Enjoy one of the worlds most beautiful beach sunsets over Moreton Bay

• Stay overnight in the rustic “Castaways Beach Resort,” with optional accommodation choices including ECO GLAMPING (See accommodation Tab for Glamping details)
- BUDGET BACKPACKER accommodation as standard price
- BEACH HOUSE UNIT upgrades available (see accommodation tab for pricing)
- ECO GLAMPING upgrades available (see accommodation tab for pricing)

• MEALS INCLUDED - 1 x Continental Breakfast, 2 x Lunches and 1 x Dinner
Night Time Activities: (all night activities are weather, wind and tide dependant)
- Night Time Transparent Kayaking on the Tangalooma Wrecks(optional). Described as the World’s Best Kayaking experience. See colourful fish and coral as our kayaks light up at night with brilliant underwater lights. For many, this is a life changing experience and is guaranteed to please. – Normally $89 – Sunset Safaris Guests ONLY $45 (cash only).
- Camp Fire. Sit around a warm camp fire roasting marshmallows and enjoy a few drinks with new friends and Mother Nature (conditions apply)
* Subject to Tidal and Weather Conditions

Price Table

1박2일 모턴 아일랜드 투어- 브리즈번 출발
Season Adult Children Infant
01/Apr/2020 - 31/Jan/2021 $ 229.33 $ 215.39 -
1박2일 모턴 아일랜드 투어- 골드코스트 출발
Season Adult Children Infant
01/Apr/2020 - 31/Jan/2021 $ 250.24 $ 236.30 -
바우처 모바일 바우처 가능
소요시간 2D
불포함사항 Everything except inclusion
Additional expenses: $70, cash payment for children (National Park Entrance & Ferry)
Additional fuel levy (can occur if fuel cost rises above $1.80 / L)

Transparent Night Kayak Experience $45 (pay cash to guide)
Everything except inclusion
준비물 ready money
Water bottle
swimming suit
Beach towel
comfortable shoes such as slippers
gym shoes
warm outerwear
personal washing tool
insect repellent


-Important Information
Sunset Safaris makes every effort to include ALL activities and destinations listed. However due to the extreme nature of Moreton Island, Moreton Bay, and weather unpredictability in general, some activities are subject to Tide, Time, Wind and Weather factors, and Sunset Safaris cannot be held liable due to these factors.

All prices are subject to change without notice & at the discretion of Sunset Safaris. All Information stated in this publication is true & correct at the time of publication. Due to traffic & the extreme conditions experienced on Moreton Island to buses & the environment, Sunset Safaris reserves the right to alter or cancel any section of the itinerary which may result from road, traffic weather, mechanical, or any other condition or failure or delay of an operational nature without penalty, & such conditions will be considered as a Force Majeure Event. Sunset Safaris will take all reasonable steps to rectify the situation during any such event, however no liability will be accepted by Sunset Safaris in circumstances outside of Sunset Safaris control. No responsibility or liability will be taken in the event of injury from pre-existing medical conditions (eg: bad back), accident, injury, loss or damage to persons or property due to persons own negligence. These booking conditions do not waive Sunset Safaris from any of its obligations according to law. Minimum booking numbers & cancellation fees apply.

Your Tour payment is broken up into 2 components, your Sunset Safaris ticket price component, and your Moreton Island - LOCAL Fees component ($70). The Moreton Island - LOCAL Fees component of $70 must be paid in CASH to driver upon departure, while the boarding pass can be purchased HERE on this web site


1일차 시작 픽업
골드코스트 픽업 5.45am
브리즈번 픽업 7am
선샤인코스트 픽업 5.45am, 5.50am, 6.15am
MiCat 페리를 타고 모튼섬으로 이동
까페와 바가 구비되어 있는 MiCat
아름다운 모튼만의 경치를 즐기며 모튼섬으로 이동
아름다운 탕갈루마 비치에서의 휴식
탕갈루마 난파선으로의 스노클링
마스크, 오리발, 바디수트 등 장비 일체 제공 (강풍 및 조류, 조수 등 날씨 상황에 따라 취소될 수 있습니다)
수영 및 스노클링
초보분들을 위해 투명창이 있는 바디보드가 준비되어 있습니다
물고기 관찰
돌고래, 거북이, 형형색색의 산호초와 수천마리의 아름다운 물고기
투명 카약
투명 카약을 타고 아름다운 탕갈루마 난파선의 수중 세계 감상 (강풍 및 조류, 조수 등 날씨 상황에 따라 취소될 수 있습니다)
투명 카약 위에서의 신나는 물고기 먹이주기 체험
사륜 구동 차량을 타고 모래위를 달려 섬내의 사막으로 이동
시속 70 킬로미터에 달하는 짜릿한 샌드보딩 체험
탕갈루마 비치의 아름다운 바다속 수영
아름다운 모튼만의 노을 감상
Castaways 숙소 체크인
저녁 액티비티
- 투명 나이트 카약 : 수중 조명이 밝히는 아름다운 수중 세계를 감상하실 수 있습니다. (추가 비용 발생)
- 캠프파이어 : 마쉬멜로우를 구우며 새로운 친구들과 함께 즐거운 시간
1일차 마지막 활동
2일차 아침식사
륜구동 차를 타고 아름다운 모튼섬의 동쪽 비치 드라이빙
샴페인풀에서의 수영
스케쥴 및 날씨 상황에 적합한 경우
로맨틱한 Honeymoon Bay 와 North Point 방문
멋진 4 륜 구동 차량을 타고 모튼곶 등대 및 박물관으로 이동
거북이, 돌고래, 상어, 만타 가오리, 고래 구경 (고래 시즌)
모튼섬과 동쪽 비치가 한눈에 내려다 보이는 아름다운 풍경 관람
아름다운 블루 라군 호수에서의 수영
섬 내의 숲지대와 비치를 달리며 신나는 4 륜 구동 체험
6.30pm 브리즈번, 선샤인 코스트 도착
7.30pm 골드코스트 도착

Meeting Information

픽업 시간 5:45am
픽업장소 위치 골드코스트 출발 - 만트라 온 뷰 호텔
픽업장소 상세정보

픽업 시간 7:00am
픽업장소 위치 브리즈번 출발 - Brisbane Transit Centre - Level 3
픽업장소 상세정보

픽업 시간 05:45am
픽업장소 위치 선샤인 코스트 출발 - 마루치도(Maroochydore) Information Centre
픽업장소 상세정보

픽업 시간 10분전에 대기해주시길 바랍니다.
픽업 시간 05:50am
픽업장소 위치 선샤인 코스트 출발 - 물루라바(Mooloolaba) Sea Life Mooloolaba,
픽업장소 상세정보

픽업 시간 10분전에 대기해주시길 바랍니다.
픽업 시간 06:15am
픽업장소 위치 선샤인 코스트 출발 -칼룬드라(Caloundra) Caloundra Transit Cent
픽업장소 상세정보

픽업 시간 10분전에 대기해주시길 바랍니다.
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